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Stepper Servo Motor Driver

  1. STA 401A motor driver is NPN Darlington With Built-in Avalanche Diode.

    Order Code : RDL/STA/13/001/V1.0

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  2. The L298 Driver is a high voltage, high current dual ful bridge driver designed to accept standard TTL logic levels and drive inductive loads such relays, solenoids, DC and stepping motors. Two enable inputs are provided to enable or disable the device independently of the input signals. The emmiters of the lower transistors of each bridge are connected together the corresponding external terminal can be used for the connection of an external sensing resistor.

    Order Code : RDL/Pl298/13/001/V1.0


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  3. PCA9685 16-Channel 12-Bit PWM Servo Driver can help a lot when there are insufficient PWM output pins for the MCU. The only condition is that the main control chip supports I2C communication, which means enabling the communication between the chip and PCA9685, so as to control multiple servos simultaneously. 


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