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Display Interfacing Board

  1. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD is finding wide spread use replacing LEDs (seven segment LEDs or other multi segment LEDs) because of the the ability to display numbers, characters and graphics. This is in contrast to LEDs, which are limited to numbers and a few characters.

    Order Code : RDL/LCD/13/001/V1.0

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    Constant Current LED Matrix 25000MCD.

    Order Code : RDL/LED_L/14/001/V1.0

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    LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Dispaly. It can be used to display anything. They are of many types. The ones we commonly use for embedded systems, robotics, etc are of two types – character LCD and graphical LCD. The 16x2 LCD Characters have their own limitations; they can only display characters of certain dimensions. The Graphical LCDs are thus used to display customized characters and images. The Graphical LCDs find use in many applications; they are used in video games, mobile phones, lifts etc. as display units.   

    Order Code : RDL/LCD/14/001/V1.0

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