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  1. ₹5,808.00

    Driver fatigue is a significant factor in a large number of vehicle accidents. The development of technologies for detecting or preventing drowsiness at the wheel is a major challenge in the field of accident avoidance systems. Because of the hazard that drowsiness presents on the road, methods need to be developed for counteracting its affects. The aim of this project is to develop a prototype drowsiness detection system. The focus will be placed on designing a system that will accurately monitor the head movements of a driver in real-time. By monitoring the head movements, it is believed that the symptoms of driver fatigue can be detected early enough to avoid a car accident.

     Order Code : RDL/MDD/13/001/V1.0

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  2. ₹8,095.00

    Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a mass surveillance method that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates. They can use existing closed-circuit television or road-rule enforcement cameras, or ones specifically designed for the task. They are used by various police forces and as a method of electronic toll collection on pay-per-use roads and cataloging the movements of traffic or individuals. ANPR can be used to store the images captured by the cameras as well as the text from the license plate, with some configurable to store a photograph of the driver. Systems commonly use infrared lighting to allow the camera to take the picture at any time of the day. ANPR technology tends to be region-specific, owing to plate variation from place to place. Concerns about these systems have centered on privacy fears of government tracking citizens movements, misidentification, high error rates, and increased government spending.

     Order Code : RDL/MVL/13/001/V1.0

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  3. ₹13,774.00

    A facial recognition system is a computer application for automatically identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. One of the ways to do this is by comparing selected facial features from the image and a facial database. It is typically used in security systems and can be compared to other biometrics such as fingerprint or eye iris recognition systems.

    Order Code : RDL/MFA/13/001/V1.0

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  4. ₹9,496.00

    Machine vision (system vision) it’s a apply computer vision in day to day life. While computer vision is focused mainly on image processing at the level of hardware, machine vision most often requires the use of additional hardware I/Oand computer networks to transmit information generated by the other process components. In vision based security system a camera is used to monitor a chamber. Image processing is applied to the acquired frame, and determined whether a security alert is required or not.

    Order Code : RDL/MVS/13/001/V1.0

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  5. ₹7,504.00

    The popularity of home automation has been increasing greatly in recent years due to much higher affordability and simplicity through smartphone and computer connectivity. Home automation may include centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. 

    Order Code : RDL/SHM/13/001/V1.0

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