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Beagle Bone

  1. ₹15,470.00

    A number of sensor applications in recent years collect data which can be directly associated with human interactions. one can use the sensor data in order to model the underlying relationships and interactions. It also leads to a number of challenges, since such data may often be private, and it is important to be able to perform the mining process without violating the privacy of the users.  


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  2. ₹20,559.00

    Spy robots are remotely controlled robots, equipped with a camera, transmitting video data to the remote area. A movable spy robot with a remote controller by using beagle bone. The spy robot is made up of a USB camera, Wi-Fi adaptor, batteries and movable wheels. To remotely control wireless system and to control Spy robot Wi-Fi technology is used.

    Remote Operated Spy Robot is a small robot designed for spying, surveillances and inspection purposes through web browsers from any corner of the world.

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